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Asia-Pacific businesses keen to tap on GenAI across various fields: NetSuite

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Businesses Are Ready to Implement GenAI Across Various Fields

True corporate progress has always relied on innovations Like GenAI. As sectors become more competitive and fast-paced, organizations look for strategies to increase their innovation pipeline, value, as well as time to market.

According to enterprise software vendor Oracle NetSuite, companies want to derive more insights from their corporate data, specifically to identify irregular transactions, by leveraging the potential of generative AI (GenAI). Enterprises want to automate business operations such as planning and budgeting, as well as capturing and categorizing expenditures based on previous data, which GenAI can help them do faster and more efficiently.

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has emerged as a significant tool in this endeavour, transforming how businesses conduct market research, brainstorm ideas, solving problems, and launching products. The use of this fast-evolving AI technology can assist organisations in promptly addressing growth challenges.
Generative AI’s

Generative AI’s Capabilities

Gen AI in NetSuite is a huge step forward in content creation and data analysis within the ERP environment. This technology creates new content by learning from existing data patterns and structures. It has the ability to transform many parts of business operations, from automatically generating reports and paperwork to providing personalized communications with minimal human participation.

Generative AI’s powers go beyond text and code generation to include creative creations and complicated simulations for biological research or medical use. Generative AI has the following capabilities:

  • NetSuite text enhance
  • NetSuite bill capture
  • NetSuite analytics warehouse
  • NetSuite supply chain control tower
  • NetSuite budgeting and planning
  • NetSuite intelligent item recommendations

Oracle NetSuite AI Features to Streamline Business Operations

Intelligent automation is an effective device in reducing business operations, thus enabling employees concentrate on more strategic matters. The AI-based technology can forecast future demand, perform repetitive tasks automatically and provide instant feedbacks about the functioning of businesses. Productivity will be increased, errors reduced and prompt decisions made with real time information by using NetSuite intelligent automation. With today’s competitive market, global businesses have drastically changed due to the use of AI Technology.

One of the latest AI-powered features that aids in producing contextual and customized information for every text area within the suite is NetSuite Text Enhance. Leveraging generative AI services from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, this function targets various departments such as finance, customer support and HR with a view to boosting productivity.

NetSuite has also unveiled new features in Planning and Budgeting, powered by AI to automate data analysis, speeding up decision making. NetSuite Bill Capture was introduced to address dumb data entry by helping to intelligently capture costs and sort them accordingly. It improved the accounting team’s efficiency.

To improve financial management, NetSuite is introducing new EPM solutions such as automated account reconciliation and streamlined closing processes. They also developed NetSuite Capital, a solution that helps improve cash flow and accelerate payments by allowing bills from accounts receivable to be paid immediately.

NetSuite is additionally focusing to boost the customer experience through a new field service management product. This product is designed to improve end-to-end field service operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Additionally, employees who do not require full access to the suite will be granted task-specific licenses through the implementation of a new licensing mechanism. For example, a warehouse employee who simply requires access for specific duties such as receiving and shipping will have access to NetSuite’s warehouse management features without the requirement for a complete subscription.

NetSuite Transaction Line Distribution, NetSuite Capital, NetSuite Bill Capture, SuiteCommerce MyAccount, NetSuite CPQ, and NetSuite Planning and Budgeting have all released their new features. In the upcoming 12 months, more new features for the entire suite will be accessible.


NetSuite’s intelligent automation is designed to simplify various business operations and assist organisations in achieving their goals in the most efficient manner possible. It has the ability to automate sales and purchases, inventory management, financial reporting and analysis among others. It also enables companies predict future demand with accuracy while allocating resources optimally. Such technology makes it possible for businesses to have an upper hand through real-time insights into operational activities that assist executives in making snap decisions.
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